Our Founders

In Memoriam

Jan Miller (April 14, 1956 – June 9, 2019)

Jan Miller’s love and passion for helping women through sharing the love of God will always be remembered. She was an amazing and faithful servant. We will always love you, Jan.

Jan described her path to co-founding Grace Ministry of Helping Hands:

I almost died in 2006 from a serious illness. God showed me how real He was during the 1 year long recuperation. When I went back to church, I was not the same person. I was bored with my previous Christian life and did not want it to stay the same. I went to my pastor and said to him that there had to be more. My pastor suggested I teach a class of how to go out and change lives. I started a class immediately and we learned how to share Christ in everyday conversation. Kathleen Jackson was in my class who I found out later had just gotten out of jail for holding up a drug dealer with a gun. It definitely got my attention and she suggested what we might do. She said, Jan we have to help those ladies who I met in jail and now see back out on the street. I prayed about it and God made it clear to me that this is what He wanted me to do. In 2007, Kathleen and I decided to go out on a street in Jacksonville, Fl that is well known for drugs, alcohol and the sex trade. That day changed me and I knew my purpose in life.

Co-Founder, Jan Miller

Kathleen Jackson

“I was in the bondage of drugs, alcohol and the very dark, vicious lifestyle that goes along with this kind of life. I had abandoned my 2 sons and completely lost my soul. On June 4, 2006, I got arrested for armed robbery. I was trying to rob 2 crack dealers for enough crack cocaine to smoke to die or I wanted the police to see me with the gun I had and shoot me dead. I just did not want to feel anymore. God had a different plan and he revealed himself to me that night through a very profound and radical spiritual experience that changed my life forever. As I sat in a jail cell all alone, the Spirit of God came and filled the empty hole in my soul. I surrendered my life to Christ and became willing to follow the pathway of a 12-step recovery program. The next year, God called me back to the exact dark places I used to frequent. He called me to be His hands, feet and voice to carry the message of freedom and hope. He has orchestrated this ministry and we are His vessels.” 

Co-Founder, Kathleen Jackson